Kingston Suzuki Music Association - Awards and Bursaries


KSMA offers a few special awards that encourage young musicians and our teachers to continue their pursuit of excellence in music. Each of these awards includes a certificate of recognition and two hundred dollars in cash to help support further music education. Teachers are eligible to nominate one student per year for these awards. Nominations are submitted in writing by April 30.

  • McFarlane Award (violin student)
    The McFarlane Award for string students was established in recognition of the contribution of the McFarlane family to Suzuki music education. This entire family, including parents and children, were active promoters of Suzuki music. In addition to having two violin teachers (Deb and Julia), they also shared in organizing numerous workshops and special concerts to enrich the musical education of all students and teachers. The parents both gave leadership to KSMA through various positions within the executive.

    2015: Bibijehan Henson
    2014: Baylie Thorne
    2013: Emily Cowie
    2010: Malaya Taylor
    2009: Erik Johnson
    2008: Eric Burge
    2007: Calvin Rubens
    2006: Mikela Witjes

  • Phyllis Wood Award (piano student)
    The Phyllis Wood Award for piano students was established to recognize the contributions of Phyllis Wood to Suzuki music education. As well as being a highly respected piano teacher, Phyllis was one of the pioneers of Suzuki music education in the Kingston area. She was the first teacher to use Suzuki methods in her studio and shared in organizing the Suzuki Summer Institute and Kingston Suzuki Music Association. She also devoted many years to leadership of both these organizations.

    2015: Tyanna Craig
    2010: Trevor Witjes
    2009: Sam Pierson
    2008: Mikela Witjes
    2007: Brianna Alkenbrack
    2006: Danielle Jamieson

  • KSMA Recognition Award for Cello (cello student)

    2010: Lucas Olmstead

  • The Valerie Lloyd-Watts Scholarship (teacher)
    In recognition of her unfaltering support of our association, this scholarship was created in June 1999. It is awarded annually to a student attending the Summer Institute as a teacher-trainee. Valery Lloyd-Watts is an artist of international renown. She is a classical concert pianist, recording artist and Suzuki piano teacher. She co-authored a book with Carole Bigler, her partner in More Than Music Inc., which ran the Suzuki Kingston Summer Institute. Valery is a founding member of KSMA and is a life member of our association.

    2015: Jeff Hamacher
    2008: Venetia Stewart
    2007: Kristin Rae
    2006: Barb Pope


Money is designated in the budget for bursaries. Bursaries are available for teachers who attend Suzuki workshops or conferences. Bursaries are also available for students who attend the Suzuki Summer Institute. Teachers submit names to the bursary committee by April 30. The committee decides on the recipients based on the amount of money in the budget that year and with the direction of the executive.

KSMA offers bursaries for its members.

Teachers attending Suzuki workshops or conferences should submit bursary requests to the KSMA president in May.