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Canta Arya School for Strings

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Piano Play-in Dates

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Suzuki Summer Institutes

Summer Suzuki institutes are special camps that provide an intensive musical experience for families with children who currently study an instrument through the Suzuki Method. Institutes are located in all regions of the U.S., Canada, and the world, offering activities for students, parents and teachers in one-week sessions. Families enjoy attending the institute together and participating in a wide range of musical and enrichment activities. For teachers, institutes offer Suzuki training for both prospective teachers who desire an introduction to the method and experienced teachers who wish to expand their knowledge and receive fresh inspiration.

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In recent years, KSMA students and their parents have participated in Suzuki Institutes in Montreal (QC), Waterloo (ON), Ithaca (US) and Davos (Switzerland).

Support & Reference

Books by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

  • Nurtured by Love
  • Ability Development from Age Zero
  • Man and Talent: Search into the Unknown
  • Where Love is Deep

Annual General Meeting

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