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The Kingston Suzuki Music Association welcomes you!

The Kingston Suzuki Music Association is a collective of families and teachers working together to provide happy and enlightening musical experiences for young people.

piano lessons

By working together and sharing energy and ideas, we offer our children a musical environment in which they can grow and develop their abilities.

We are a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas and part of a Suzuki family of children in forty different countries. We know the joy that Dr. Suzuki's philosophy promises.

Performance Opportunities

KSMA and its teachers host frequent play-ins. These are casual events where students can share their music, entertain others and enjoy a social time together.

Our Objectives

Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart - Shinichi Suzuki, 1898 - 1998

Our objectives include the following:

  • to advocate the Suzuki philosophy and teaching method in Kingston;
  • to promote recitals and workshops;
  • to arrange meetings for parents and teachers to discuss and learn about the Suzuki philosophy;
  • to extend the opportunities for Suzuki muscial/talent education;
  • to develop financial support for the extension of Suzuki teaching for parents and students;
  • to receive, acquire, use or hold gifts, grants, donations, legacies and devices for these purposes.